• 40 years of proven defense robot and drone experience

  • Medium technology robotic and drone solutions for  mission specific, critical defense requirements.

  • Provided in a timely, pragmatic and cost-effective manner.

Our robots  and drones are small sized, medium technology robots specifically designed to do one job.
They are low priced…but effective. 
They are designed to be mass produced and designed to offset armies of superior numbers.

Previous Robots and Drones Designed By Our Team

Although not based on expensive Artificial Intelligence, our drones and robots navigate and respond autonomously.
They are ‘Force Multipliers’. That is one robot can replace more than one soldier. In many cases up to six soldiers.
They make smaller armies larger and larger armies, larger still…​
We design and build robots and drones to your requirements.
(Caution 13 min. Video)
Send Your Requirements to: chris.peake7@gmail.com